Teamplug offers various functionalities to help you in the daily management of your activity and to gain in efficiency.

A quality CRM

Create your customer list with your key contacts and export them at any time. When you enter a customer file, you have access to all its information, to the follow-up carried out and the one to come. You can attach one or many projects to it and monitor their progress (time consumed, deadlines, files, tasks, etc.).

An ergonomic ticketing system

Give your customers access to the platform and exchange with them in complete transparency on the progress of their project(s) thanks to the ticketing system.

All they have to do is create a ticket containing their request and you will receive an email alert to process it (timing, status, comment, test).

Optimised timesheets

Manage and encode your working time and the one of your colleagues in just a few clicks. The timesheets are linked to the project(s) and are directly linked to the timing of the project(s) for greater transparency.

Well-organised tasks

Create, assign and organise your tasks or those of others easily with TeamPlug. Manage their progress (to do, done, tested,...), put a description, a file, a checklist or a deadline to be respected. You can also classify your tasks by inserting them in tables.

A complete invoicing system

Encode and send your offers/invoices directly in the platform. In one click, turn an offer into an invoice! Depending on its payment status, reminders can be scheduled and sent automatically after X days by email. You can also export one or all of your invoices in a listing.

Efficient planning

Plan your work weeks or those of your colleagues according to your current projects.

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