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Whether you are an SME, a startup or a freelancer, TeamPlug allows you to keep a close eye on your projects, your customers and your team.

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Manage your activities and interact more easily with your customers thanks to the multiple features offered in Teamplug!

Customer satisfaction

Facilitate interaction and access to information for your customers

Time saving

Centralise all your data and automatise time-consuming tasks

Better follow-up

Follow the progress of your projects in a few clicks


Take possession of your account very easily

Exchange via the ticketing system

Teamplug centralises all your exchanges on one and the same platform. You can follow the progress of your projects and discuss them directly with your customers thanks to the ticketing system.

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It's time to complete your timesheet!

Optimise your team's working time

Manage your tasks and their duration more easily and save a precious time

Manage your tasks by tables

Group your tasks by projects

Be notified of progress

Receive an alert when tasks are completed

Manage and send your invoices easily

The platform takes care of the administrative side of your invoices and quotes. Indeed, you can simply create, send and manage your invoices (reminder, recurrence,...) which will be automatically included in the customer's file.

Pending invoice

30 days that Thomas has not paid.

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